Monday, 11 May 2015

My Invention

I'm here today to tell you about what I want to invent. First I will tell you when the invention was supost to be Invented. It was going to be invented in 2000. Second I will tell you what it is I want to invent. I want to invent a hover board and cars. Now I will tell you How it is made. So it is like a basic car but no wheels just a powerful fan. In conclusion this is all I haft to say about my invention


My Invention Is..........

The Weather Machine


My invention is the weather machine that can change the weather when ever you want. For example say if you want it to be sunny when it is rainy you press the sun the press the blue button it will be sunny.

My Invention

my invenchen.png

Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor. If I was inventor I would invent circular things that will translate into a car. Or a bike. Or any type of vehicle. This would help people get around through cities and towns faster. Then they can put it in their garage. P. O.

Robot Chefs


Me & Mr. Bell gave me an idea for an invention.

My invention is a robot that can make any food in the whole world. For example if you want a cookie say "can i have a cookie" then the robot will say "baking cookie" and thats it. Its that simple.