Thursday, 9 April 2015

Red Wolf by Jennifer Dance

This is a post written by one of the families in our Grade 4 class this year. Literacy is about sharing the text, emotions, and communicating about the books with those we care about. This family engaged very deeply with the Silver Birch books this year, have shared one of their experiences! Thank you Jennifer & Jordyn!

My daughter, Jordyn, and I read Jennifer Dance’s Red Wolf together. It was her first choice to read from the Forest Of Reading’s 2014/15 Silver Birch nominee list.  I must admit it was my first choice as well, having seen all the selections in the classroom.  

What an awesome book!  

Jennifer Dance has written a story that is compelling, not only because of the characters and storyline, but because it opens the door to some of the terrible history of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.  

I want my daughter to grow up learning about--and from--the history of the people on whose land our ancestors settled. Red Wolf is written so that it draws the reader into the story and characters at hand, while at the same time allowing many opportunities for further discussion of the real stories, history and issues of Indigenous People.  

My daughter and I spent much time reading and then talking about and finding further understanding of the reality of the story.  The book is so skillfully written that it allowed my nine year old child to grasp the concept of how 5 year old Red Wolf was actually losing his own identity and sense of self because of the teaching and treatment he received at the residential school.  Many times since reading Red Wolf, Jordyn has made reference and connections back to the story in what she sees in everyday life and in exploring other historical stories.  
We were also able to connect with Jennifer Dance on Twitter, and after speaking with me, Ms. Dance took the time to personally email Jordyn and speak with her about Red Wolf.  That was extremely exciting for Jordyn!!  We can’t wait to read Jennifer Dance’s new book, Paint, that was released in February!!

Jennifer McLean

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this book! We do need to understand our history in order to better understand our present. It is so wonderful to see our students being able to share such high quality literature from the Forest of Reading with their parents! I can't imagine any better scenario for uncovering our history and building literacy skills! Thank you so much for sharing:)


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